Welcome to December !

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There is a popular story in Lk 8:43-48, about a woman who had an issue of blood for 12 years, who had spent all her living upon physicians, and could not be healed of any; on the 12th year of her problem she finally discovered the actual source of her long awaited solution and miracle. Her spiritual eyes opened and she got a revelation  about the hem of Jesus’ garment as a place where the anointing that would break her yokes concentrated. 
When she saw it was Jesus passing her way, having great determination in her mind, she disregarded her weakness,  pushed through the crowd and hit her target. That moment her issue of blood stopped and her case was over.
I declare to you that this 12th month of the year is your month of revelation and spiritual eye opening that will swiftly bring you to the solution of your long persisted problems and deliver your long awaited miracles in Jesus’ mighty name.
I declare that in this month of December, God will bring to an end to every issue of shame, pain, humiliation and contempt and rejection in your life in Jesus’ mighty name.
I declare that every issue in your family, business, relationships, ministry and career etc. causing hurt, tears, sorrows and disappointments and set backs are over in Jesus’ mighty name.
This month, God will rearrange and perfect things for you because next year will be opening a new and glorious chapter in your life and destiny in Jesus’ name.

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